"Every client has been impressed by their flawless events and great PR exposure - Devine Style makes it happen seamlessly."  

- Jennifer Ward, W Magzine


What can we say that you haven’t already heard about strategic communication firms?


Q: Do successful firms maintain media relationships on national, international and trade levels? 
A: "The good news is yes, but expected."


Q: Do they have the expertise and resources to support multiple, diverse client assignments? 
A: "Yes, but again this comes with being a successful PR team."


Q: Does traditional media still work? 
A: "Yes, it still offers critical mass."


Q: Do they integrate new social media, internet-driven, instant-reach and narrow-cast access to key targets? 
A: "Yes, this is an expectation considering the current marketplace." 


Q: What sets Devine Style apart? 
A: "Because of our cross-generational team, we bring a wealth of knowledge in traditional, as well as "new" and exciting industry technologies. This allows us to convey a message that is impactful, clear, and effective."

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